What is responsive design

Responsive design or responsive design is a web design technique that involves the creation of websites and web applications whose layout automatically adapts to the size of the screen of the device used by the user, so as to ensure that navigation and reading are optimal , without the need to resize or scroll the contents.

We understand, therefore, that it is an important element for the general user experience – regardless of the type of device used, which can be computers with different resolutions, tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, web TV, etc. – but above all to comply with the accessibility criteria , which we also know how to take into account numerous other factors, to respond adequately to needs deriving from the user’s characteristics (such as, among others, cognitive abilities, vision or physical difficulties) https://partopia.ca/.

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Why responsive design matters

Practically, therefore, responsive web designers are able to ensure a use of the site that adapts to the different ways in which users access and interact with its pages, regardless of the device and the size of screens and windows.

Implementing a responsive design is also a crucial first step to have a mobile friendly site , an increasingly important aspect nowadays: for some time now, web traffic from mobile devices has surpassed that from desktops, and therefore is no longer conceivable to offer the audience of users who mainly use smartphones a page and a site designed for viewing on the larger displays of old desktop computers, which would inevitably be difficult to load, use and read, leading to frustration and a bad experience.

And the road of adaptive design is no longer viable either , which supplies several completely different versions of the same page based on the device from which the request comes: today the devices are increasingly numerous and different, and this obviously entails a increase in optimization workloads.

Given the traffic volumes – even for search engines mobile users represent the first source of traffic and queries – we cannot limit ourselves to designing for a single device, but it is more useful to take advantage of the responsive design and create a responsive site, structurally and visually.

how to hack an Instagram account

How to Hack an Instagram Account?

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where one can share photos and post short videos. It was created in 2010 and later acquired by Facebook in 2012. In India, Instagram was launched in April 2012. It is the most used website around the world. It is known as the “king of social media.” Let us know how to hack an Instagram account?

Types of Instagram Accounts

  • Personal account- Personal Instagram accounts are created for personal use. It does not contain access to contact buttons, gift stickers, and other features. A personal account can be a private or public account.
  • Professional account- A professional Instagram account has two options: A business account and a Creator account. Both types of accounts possess detailed growth analysis, flexible profile display, customizing audience targeting, message filtering, and has ac access to creator studio. The only difference between a business account and a creator account is that the business account consists of a unique feature called third-party app integration. The creator account does not have this feature.

Merits and Demerits of Instagram

  • It is a platform for effective promotion.
  • It creates an appealing interface.
  • Travelers use Instagram to post their travel stories.
  • It provides strict privacy.
  • It posses special features for content creation.
  • One can create a business account and earn money.
  • It contains overwhelming advertisements.
  • It creates the need for a fake yet “perfect” life.
  • It is addictive.
  • It has few technical drawbacks.

Hack an Instagram Account- InstaPortal

What is Hacking?

Hacking is gaining unauthorized access to data in a system. Hacking is ethical when it is done legally with the permission of the system’s owner. It is unethical when used to crack confidential information without being permitted to do so. Unethical hacking is also known as Cracking.

Ethical hacking is wielded to find vulnerabilities in system software. Ethical hackers have immense opportunities in all fields. It is one of the rapidly growing careers currently. Ethical hackers hired for system updation and to fix bugs in web development companies.  Security forces also appoint ethical hackers for finding crucial information.

Hacking an Instagram Account

An Instagram account can be hacked for various reasons and can be hacked both ethically and unethically.

Hacking an Instagram account ethically- When one forgets the password or loses the device, it can help to revive the information. When one has forgotten the password, it is done by simply clicking on “forgot password” on the login page. When one has lost a mobile phone and wants to log in to the account, one can use various websites to revive the password.

Hacking an Instagram account unethically- Unethical hacking of Instagram accounts is done either for profit or just for fun. Methods like phishing pages and MITM perform unethical hacking.

Hacking is a creative and worthy profession. Everyone who is learning to hack and is an expert in hacking should correctly use their skills and not be involved in corrupt activities.