Why Buy the Payroll program?

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The fact is that every entrepreneur who employs employees is legally obliged to issue them with a proper pay slip with the salary or wages paid. You have two options for fulfilling this obligation:

  • You hand over the payroll software accounting to an external professional, e.g. B. Your tax advisor.
  • You create the wage and salary yourself with a payroll program.
  • Outsourcing to a tax advisor can be expensive

With variant 1, you have to consider that this involves high costs: On average, you have to calculate a few amounts of money per month per payslip for the tax consultant. In addition, there are usually other costs – for example for setting up new employees.

The 7 most important advantages of modern payroll software

payroll software

A professional payroll program is worth your business for several reasons:

  • The amount of work is very low with software for payroll accounting. This saves you valuable time.
  • You record and manage all wage and employee master data yourself. This enables you to provide employees with information and advise them much more quickly.
  • You save the costs for external specialists (e.g. for the tax consultant).
  • You always prepare your wage and salary slips with the latest legislation. This gives you the security of doing everything properly. So you can go into your next tax audit without any worries.
  • You have a perfect overview of the expenses incurred for employees and ancillary wage costs with just one click.
  • They ensure that you comply with many countries’ data protection laws and that sensitive employee data does not fall into unauthorized hands.
  • You can automatically transfer all important data to your financial accounting – for example,e your annual financial statements.

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