The advantages of integrated software

A vertical and integrated software constitutes a complete digital environment, within which is found everything necessary to meet the management and alignment needs of the stores , improving the experience of employees and customers themselves business central manufacturing.

Opting for vertical software means composing your own digital system according to your needs, knowing that each solution will be perfectly integrated and in communication with the other: from workforce management software to ERP, from the workplace safety suite to software for business trips and expense reports, up to the now indispensable multifunctional cash desks.

The future of retail software is, without a doubt, based on the technological integration of processes.

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From this point of view, digitization can make the difference: many subjects engaged in retail are in fact still held back by the use of different software solutions that are unable to communicate effectively with each other, making overall management dangerously slow and inefficient. It is no coincidence that the most dynamic retail players have long since adopted vertical retail software capable of simplifying and speeding up the various business processes, which allow the store to better organize its know-how in a single digital system .

However, it is essential to choose the right e-commerce software solution that offers broad reach and visibility on the Internet, while at the same time having extensive functionality, flexibility and control capabilities. In this article we will see how eCommerce can be an excellent solution to integrate into your ERP system.