Southern Hills Home Buyers-A Place for getting the best deal for our properties

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A place where we can get the best deal for our properties is Southern Hills Home Buyers.

We offer bonus strategies to assist homebuyers to escape from his\her tough spots… like Bankruptcy, possessing a strenuous asset, family court, or any other issue. At Southern Hills Home Buyers, we seek to give you such a remedy to your issue because then you can remain to do all the things you enjoy.

Southern Hills Home Buyers is a property investment strategies business headquartered out of Plano. We’re a kinship-owned company as well as focus on supporting householders like you to resolve issues for their troubles as if users heading through some kind of bankruptcy, can’t sell their house, and need to sell their properties including all lots of purposes.

Approach to Working Among Residents

When you have any questionnaire about just how we perform, whatever the procedure of selling your home or needing us to assist you to pay off the loan or simply want to understand more about our company… don’t hesitate to talk to us whenever and wherever!


Some of the Common Queries regarding the process and the responses from the Company are given below:

  • Is the property Listed or does the company buy it?

The company doesn’t list but instead, they are professional buyers who buy the property for cash as per their requirements. They either use the property to rent themselves or repair the house and resell them.

  • Are fair prices given for a property?

The company offers a reasonable price that is acceptable to both parties.

  • Difference between the company and the real estate agent?

 Realtors list homes in the hopes someone will acquire them. Whether there are any potential buyers, the agent takes a cut of the market price and presents the homes to them (the typical period to sell a home in several industries right now is six to twelve months). Typically, the agent’s compensation is 3-6percentage points of a home’s purchase price, meaning that if the home costs $100,000, you’ll pay the broker between $3,000 and $6,000 in fees. For individuals who can wait 6–12 months to sell and are willing to give up some of the sale prices to cover the commissions, agents offer a valuable service. We are distinct from realtors, though, as we are home buyers instead.

All these points and much more are mentioned on their site which is given below:

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