Hassle-Free Selling Of House For Cash!

Selling a house can be a troublesome process. The house has an emotional connection. So, selling will not be an easy process. Everything from finding a proper dealer to setting the terms requires a lot of research. The thing that can help this process is finding a beneficial platform like https://www.texassellmyhouse.com/ to sell.

Let’s look into things before selling the house

  • Calculation of total worth: Calculating the total worth is the first step while selling the house. It is essential to do a proper evaluation of the house and property. It is followed by comparing rates with the house in the same and nearby locations.
  • Finding the right platform: Choosing the right platform and buyer is crucial for selling a house. It is necessary to compare the prices of many dealers. One needs to be careful not to sell the house in haste.
  • Contacting the management: It is necessary to take a No Objection Certificate from the body in charge of the housing society.
  • Collection of documents: It’s important to do the legal documentation of the property. When transferring worship seller and buyer is to be present.

Which is the right platform to sell a house? And why A-list Properties?


A-list Properties buy houses in return for cash and directly from the sellers. The houses can be in any condition. It can be an inherited house or need repairs. Even if the house needs repairs, it can be sold using A-List properties. There are fair offers and all-cash offers.

How does it work?

The first step is to contact them and give details about the property. Once all details are sent, the process of offers starts immediately.

The next step is to check the offers.

One gets to decide all the terms. The process takes around 14 days.


  1. There is no commission: There are no hidden fees and commission fees. The services are free.
  2. The house can be sold in the condition it is in: Using the platform, there is no need to change the house’s condition. The house can be sold in its existing condition.
  3. The transaction can be done within 14 days: Selling a house is completed in 14 days.
  4. No cost of fixing the house: There is no need to fix the house before selling.

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